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Tonight -

Thank you!! Red and white blood cells are proliferating. As Candice says, we see them every night, the red and white lights of the moving flow - the traffic crossing the bridge, red and white. I am still caught up in licking candy canes, and placing warm, red hearts on white sand and fresh snow.

Steve and I watched the movie "The Name of the Rose" tonight. That movie, and the book, are two of my all-time favorites. What sobered me tonight was how appropriate it is to our own times - torture, inquisition, lies, suppression of laughter and complex thought, denial of humanity, and restriction to, and destruction of books.

I received this email from my brother today in response to something I sent him. I place it here. The farm he mentions is where the family of four was murdered "In Cold Blood."


It's all so difficult to comprehend. If you could find a single military man who would actually admit that torture works, then may be it would be easier to understand. But one after another after another says adamantly that, "Torture does not work! You simply cannot trust the information you get."

Military men also hate torture because they know how that affects the treatment our men get when taken hostage. And to say nothing of what this has done to our standing throughout the world.

Did you see Rice yesterday morning doing all the shows sticking to their story that bush's unauthorized wiretaps were legal?! She also continued to maintain that this administration never transported prisoners to other countries for torture, even with all the mounting evidence that they did. And 60 Minutes last night had proof positive that they have been doing so.

As I've said before, I see bush as such a nincompoop, it's hard for me to feel anything but a contemptuous kind of pity for him. But Cheney and Rumsfield I really see as evil. And in the NY Times this morning they were talking about the new homes Cheney and Rum'y have purchased in an upscale area of Maryland. It seems that Rumsfield purchased the aptly named home, Misery Hill, where it was documented that Frederick Douglass had been tortured, among other atrocities. How fitting is that? And who among us would want to live in a home with such a horrible past?! Maybe while he's at it he can still pick up the Clutter farm in Kansas for the right price?

And I offer something from the other side. I purchased a book a few years ago called Wild Grace. The author was interviewed today in the Chronicle. Here is the link if you would like to read it. I gently suggest you do.


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