Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Caught on feathered leaves and trunks -

I bring our coffee back to the room, and we sit entranced, with the landscaping.  The landscape architect was a genius.   The palm leaves stand like feathers in the sky, or the open hands of hawks, and plants and ferns are at our feet.   Three grouse peck around, and one trunk is a goddess with uplifted arms.  We look out on another rainbow.  We sit there and I think of the guidebook and realize it is going back into the suitcase.  I know there is history here, and there are things to see, and I am entranced with the clouds, the trunks, the leaves.  This place is designed so that every spot has something you could probably spend a lifetime with.  Right now, I am with the a trunk with visible rings and our goddess trunk and the straight ones of palms.

Yesterday we learned that  you can tell the age of a dolphin by the rings in their teeth.  They grow rings, like trees.

The sounds here are amazing.  I feel like I am in a recording, and it is natural.  All opens to the outdoors, and the temperature feels just perfect to me.  We are moving into the realm of being.  It seems Hawaii is singing its song to us - aloha - rest - peace - ease -

The ocean waves have gotten bigger each day.   Yesterday we explored tide pools though they don't hold much life.  A few crabs are the motion, other than the waves.  Now, I know that what I thought were white stones are coral.  When I walked on the hard coral which I guess is dead coral, I felt like I was walking on the brains of a person with Alzheimer's.  The shape is of the brain but it is hard.  It is amazing to hold, since it feels like holding a brain.  My own brain responded, and said, I am alive, pulsing, pink.

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