Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Hawaii -

We visited the wonderfully serene Buddha on Buddha Point, then, walked along the coast on lava rock.  Wow!   The waves break and burst like fireworks.  They fall slowly back to the water.   They seem to me to flow more slowly down than I have seen before.   It is like they are caught on the "ha" of aloha.  

We hung out in a double hammock for awhile with a view of the ocean, and this amazing sky.   Life is really rough here.

We then indulged in a full buffet breakfast.  I finally found a corn beef hash that equals what my mother served.  I am almost sure it is Libby's corn beef hash from the can.   Salmon for breakfast works for me.   They have Japanese and American breakfasts as part of the buffet.

They don't have a book store, but they do have a lending library, so we are soon headed there.  As I type, Steve is reading me sections from the book The End of Faith by Sam Harris.  It is a must-read.

Okay, it is his turn for the computer.  He has been patiently waiting.   Jeff and Jan came to Hawaii without a computer and had to call me for advice so I could check on-line.   Some of us are a bit dependent on our little silicon friends.

I saw a Zits cartoon this week.  The teen-ager calls his mother from the library to ask her to look up on the internet the definition of a word.  

We live in the best of worlds, except for this oddly distorted image, by some, like our president, of faith.

May you each find a place to pray and worship today that suits your mood and needs, and doesn't adversely affect anyone else.   May this be so for us all, and may be able to look at the antics of our supposed president and see them for what they are - a way to harm and manipulate.  

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