Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

It is SO relaxing here.  I am warm lava flowing into the sea.   It turns out they don't really have any books to loan out, which is probably fine, because I have barely read at all.  They looked at me like I was nuts when I asked, and pulled out a dilapidated list of about 30 out-dated books, half of which were for children, and the rest of which may not exist outside the list.  Steve is the one zooming through books, and I brought enough books for us both.   We just ate, again, so my tummy is very full.   We enjoyed a relaxing swim and our cabana, and now, may be siesta time, though, once again, I am setting intention to read.   We still continue on SF time, and that is fine here.  Everything is fine here.  I am quite pleased!

I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving and how different it will be this year  I am ready to bake pies, and not go to a restaurant, where I need to keep an eye on the bathroom door.  The Mountain Home Inn was lovely last year, and it wasn't home.  I like home, and health. 

Steve and I talked about how this year has been for him.   Rough, he says.  He couldn't read about it, and worked hard to make it through.  When he heard about the one treatment, AC, which was pushed into my veins because if it hit my skin, I would need a skin draft, well, that was not easy for him to hear.   This has been a hard year on my whole family  I want to acknowledge that, over and over again.  And my friends.  

Steve and I have never traveled together like this, where we stay in one place for seven nights and we are enjoying it.  We are healing, and thrilled with out special place.  

I hope the same is true of you.  It seems the weather of the bay area is as perfect as can be.   May enjoyment spin ribbons of contentment around the world.

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