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I may have to change my statement on all moments being the same.  The helicopter ride was unbelievable.  We exulted in two hours of flying over the island and dipping into open vents and seeing flame and flying into deep valleys and up and down waterfalls.  Wow!    My heart is still spinning with the joy of it.   We have a DVD of the experience.  It was unbelievable.

What is, also,  really amazing is to see the damage from the Sunday earthquake.   Our pilot was flying at the time, last Sunday, and had not been in some of the areas we were in since.  Parts of the sides of Hawaii on the north fell into the water.  Landscape that was completely green is now brown rock, and the water below is brown.  It is, I must again say, unbelievable to see.  We dipped into creation, and we saw, because of erosion, the passage of millions of years of time.  We also learned that the trade winds have again begun.   That is why it has been so wet and humid.   We were having Kona winds, but now things have returned to "normal," and the feel is noticeably different.

This morning I went down to get coffee which is set out before six, and asked if I could buy a roll or banana before six when restaurants open here.  A woman brought me a place of fruit, banana bread and a pastry for free.   That is Hawaii.   I am starting to feel I may not be able to leave.  We learned so much about Hawaii on the flight today, and the people who live here love it.  They feel they are living at the heart of creation, and they are.

Today, the pilot gave us the scientific explanations for how the islands form.  He then said and here is the same information about formation in 20 seconds.  It is the belief of the Hawaiian people and just as accurate.  As we flew over Pele, they played wonderful music on the plane.  Actually each section has choreographed music.   We were lucky enough while in Hilo to see Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea at the same time.   We were tthere for a rare moment of clarity.  Our side of the island gets 7 to 10 inches of rain a year.  The Hilo side has maybe 18 days of sun a year.   It gets glimpses. 

We also saw from this side, the Kona side, five volcanoes at one time.   Wow!!    I am in love with this place.  I really am, and I like flying in helicopters.  Wow!!

Happy day of all sorts of moments, both high and low, and inbetween.

The children's school that is near us is still closed because of earthquake damage.   The mother who told us said her daughter is missing school.   Isn't that lovely that the schools are missable?   All glows here, especially the lava.   Wow!!

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