Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Fire and Ice -

I slept little last night, as the romantic restaurant was lovely, and I can no longer eat as a romantic restaurant invites me to do.   The red wine was lovely, as was the appetizer, salad, and entree, and I am in discomfort with too much food.   We did walk up to visit the Buddha last night after eating and he was alone with the stars, and truly is content and serene either way, stars or bar.   I love the basket of stars on my head, and the Milky Way is a dream.

This island has fire and snow.  I feel the fire in me when I am here, and I truly thought last night I cannot leave, and I am sure I will.  This place just feels so right to me.  I see why so many of those who serve us are transplants.   I think for some of us it truly is home.   Creation is here, every day, and then, there is the ocean in which to bathe.   For me, being able to walk out my door, cross a bridge, pass Buddha and Kwan Yin, find my lounging, covered home and hop into the lagoon with friendly fish is pretty much heaven.

Yesterday, on the ocean floor, I savored the friendly bumps.  Maybe that is it - friendly is the word here.  It seems soft to me, and caressing, and, I wasn't here for the earthquake, but couldn't even that be considered a cradle in motion?

One man lives in a house on top of the world on this island.  I keep visualizing what that must be like.  Wow!   It was unclear how he gets there, and perhaps it is by helicopter, as our pilot flew over to be sure he was all right and had survived the earthquake and his house stood there, alone, on the edges of so many things.

Maybe that is what I like - the edges of so many things - may you rock and cradle today savoring the connections and how they wave.

We are flowing over heart - I want to type heat but it keeps coming up heart - we are flowing in heart here.

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