Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I find it difficult to rise this morning, even though with the time change, it should be easier, but the weather has shifted, and it seems like stay-in-bed weather, not rise and shine, and yet, I'm up and about.

I read the NY Times on-line today, and the news is so depressing, I have nothing to report.  It is dismal.   I offer this poem instead which offers a suggestion, and which, in some ways, I realize we are always doing, breathing in the breath of those we love.  Breathe easily today, and deeply, too, and tread softly on the news.


When a baby boy is born
  and the midwife
      holds him up
  as he takes
      his first breath,
Place him over
  the mother's face
      so when the baby exhales
  his first breath on Earth
      the mother breathes it.

And when the mother dies
  her middle-aged son
      the baby grew up to be,
  by her side
      his head next to her head,
Follows her breathing with his breath
  as it becomes shorter
      and as the dying mother
  exhales her last breath
      her son inhales it.

Denver Quarterly
Volume 40, Number 1

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