Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Bees -

Elaine spoke with a man who raised bees in China.   He says they are very smart and know who takes care of them.   When he left China, the bees left their hive.  They knew.

I sit with that today, as I consider these two dear cats, Bella and Tiger.  Tiger cried yesterday when he saw I was going out.   Knowing they miss me, bonds me even more closely to them.  I want to be here for them, and yet, of course, at times, I have to leave, but my love for them allows me to feel so much about love, about the wonderful rumbling that it is.  I feel like a cement mixer today, turning over all the feelings in my gut.  

Life feels so precious to me today.  I feel myself differently.  I feel my feet, firm hugs to the ground, and there is only a little tingling now.   They continue to heal.   I have signed up for a Sensory Awareness study group that begins this Saturday.  Part of me thinks it is too much, and another part wants the commitment which I am making to "experiment" twenty minutes a day, four times a week.  I see how I have to set intention to stay in my body, and I feel the importance of that in staying well.   Karen and I spoke of that yesterday.   Why do we struggle to give ourselves this time?   What is so important that we feel we need to do instead of being present?  Why do we "make" life so hard sometimes?   How do we "use" it?

Karen is working with feeling how we think and where.  You might try it today.   Think with your feet, knees, hands, and write down what they say, see, need.

Jane and I also realized today the book, "is."  We don't have to push on finishing it.  It is coming through strongly enough to stand on its own.  We are midwives, hands open to receive.

Tenderness is my motto today  - tender mouth, bud, source - the river is long - I bathe in the Ganges today in my mind.   Steve brought back a rock from the Ganges.   I love that rock, a smooth, round hill  where everything slides and glides.  

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