Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Wonder of Improvisation!

I am reading a book called The Wonder of Improvisation by Al Wunder.    Yes, that is his real name - Wunder.   Isn't it  Onederful?

This book is about each of us finding movement on our own, and learning movement as another language, another way to speak.    The idea is to explore and communicate with others and ourselves.   

Can you dance to the phrase  "Hyperactive steel wool," or  "Lazy thighbones?"   How do you move when you consider those words?   Breathe?

He suggests working with another to explore spatial relationships.  Can you "Purposely ignore" another?   "This purposeful avoidance of making a connection with someone seemed to create an invisible energy bond between the two students."   I see how this is true in the context of experimentation, but what does it mean for those matters and people we choose to avoid?   It is interesting to see how and what we might attract with avoidance and distaste. 

How many ways can you face and not-face another?   How do you play with shape?

"Open and close the space between head and feet."

"Open and close the space between shoulders and ears."

"Expand muscles by relaxing them.   Use either gravity, or other muscle groups, or another person gently pushing or pulling you, to help increase flexibility."

How many ways can you look at another?   Close.   Far away.   Peripheral.   Between your legs.   Behind your hands.  

Imagine gravity reversed.  

"If a picture is worth a thousand words how many words are contained in a movement?  How many verbs, nouns and adjectives does it take to convey an equivalent amount of information inherent in the moving body?  For me the language of motion has a different reason for existence from that of the spoken word.  It is the physical sensations of movement or the emotional sensations brought on by movement that are attractive to me.    I delight in lifting and lowering my arm at different speeds or different angels from my torso;  at varying my posture while walking just to see how this will affect the use of my legs.  I love experimenting physically because of the different sensations this type of play brings about.  It is only in recent years that I have realised it is the emotional as well as the kinaesthetic shifts a finely articulated movement brings to my awareness which makes dance a more important means of communication for me than words."

He wants to bring dance to all of us.  We all can dance!   It is to note how our physical play affects our way of being in the world.

Notice space today,  and Play!!    He says "It's not showing off, It's a showing of."


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