Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Halloween Party!!

Each year I enjoy setting out my Halloween decorations, but I must admit that when I read my brother's description of the Halloween party that my niece Katy, and her friend Lauren, set up with the help of  "Dad," I see my Halloween spirit could barely light a ghost.

He writes:

You missed a good Halloween party that we helped Katy throw Saturday night.  The basement was set up with strobe lights, black lights, and the sounds of tortured screams from a Halloween CD I found and we set up different stations where each person had to try and collect tokens for points so the one who could stay down the longest without panicking could gather the most tokens and win the goody bag.

But the best part was the driveway.  I purchased these hanging ghosts that had a round styrophone head with a face and then draping gauze that spread over their outstretched arms and draped down about 5 feet.  I had eight of those hanging from various positions on the driveway from hooks in the trees about 40 feet up and when they hung straight down they were just above your car window level but a helpful and brisk wind had them sweeping and dancing far up into the air and then back right at the top of your car as you drove down they looked incredibly real in the distance and startling as they swooped right down at your car seemingly from nowhere.  I also had some incredibly realistic scary heads on stakes stuck in the ground and heads hanging from ropes all along the way and tombstones with special lighting and such.  And by the bridge over the river I had this amazing pirate skeleton hanging from chains on it's wrists from the trees and spinning with an electric motor and special lighting on it so it looked like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.  Then, at the gate, I had torches and a huge ugly skeleton ghost like creature fastened to the gate along with huge black chains and skulls and vultures attached to the top of the gates.  Then I also had a large smoke machine hidden behind the wall so when they pulled up for the party the gates were closed and I, who was hidden behind the wall, hit the button for the smoke machine and then the remote for the gate and it opened automatically to the sound of creaking and screaming and from there they could look down the driveway and see all these incredibly real looking ghosts swinging and flying back and forth from way up in the trees on one side then swooping down near car level and then proceeding way up high onto the other side.

I am setting intention to be in CT. next Halloween.   Clearly that is the place where the ghosts hang out, and people have reason to scream.   Boo!


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