Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Smoking -

When we were in Hawaii, I noticed that most people who came out on the balcony to savor the view, were doing it because they were smoking.   Yesterday, I was sitting outside overlooking the world at Lee's and I heard a door open, and someone came outside to smoke.  Maybe I am just noticing it that way but it seems odd to me that inhaling something into the lungs, also, brings one outside into a wider, more beautiful  world.  Of course, smokers often huddle like pariahs, by doors, and yet, they are getting more fresh air, even as they need it.  Anyway, it is an odd paradox to me.  I read somewhere that smoking dries up the moisture in the lungs, the grief.   Certainly reading the news and living life, one can feel horrifying mounds of grief.

May we all be, and continue, well, and may we enjoy inside and out, as much as possible.  

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