Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A big smile -

This comes tonight from Jan, who made the quilt for me.

    When I read your blog now, I think

            "You feel safe to have emotions now.
                        You are a survivor."

This feels so good to me I had to share it.  It is true.  There is a security now that I have made it through, and can relax, and be human again, and rant and rave, and laugh and play.  It is fun to know and feel.  

I am in the process of writing a letter to Marin magazine, protesting a publication that appears for free in my mailbox because of extensive, expensive advertising, and then, suggests we not vote for our beloved Lynn Woolsey who has represented us well for years.   The magazine then celebrates someone who lives in Tiburon, and for a surprise buys his wife a  $17.2 million dollar house, and, then, completely furnishes it, even as to her favorite clothes from Neiman Marcus.  In my opinion, there is something wrong with this picture.   My feistiness is back.

Enjoy the moon.  Even in its later rising and shrinking state, it has emotions to share.

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