Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It is quite a satisfying morning, isn't it?   It is lovely to realize that the "people" have awakened, and that slander has gone down the tubes, for a time.  I see that even Pombo, who Laura Bush came out to tout as being an environmentalist, when he so clearly isn't, was soundly defeated.   I don't feel a need to gloat, only a deep, soft satisfaction. 

Yesterday was a full, satisfying, and fulfilling day.

I began the day with the Hawaiian words, Nana I ke Kumu, which mean Look to the Source.   I feel rocked in the waves of Hawaiian words.   Mahalo is Thank you.    That reminds me that in Nepalese there is no word for Thank you.  I found that shocking when I was there, and was in the position of constantly needing to give thanks because I was so often on the receiving end, and now I understand.   It is an exchange.  There is no need for thanks, and though it may be satisfying for the receiver to verbalize thanks,  the giver does not need it.  The giving is reward enough.  The karmic circle is balanced.   

Also, there was no applause at performances we attended in Nepal.   "Art" is spiritual there.  It would be like applauding in church.  

Last night, I attended a fund-raiser for Spirit Rock, called Dharma and the Arts.   The presenters were Jane Hirshfield,  Daria Halprin,  Anna Douglas, and Jack Kornfield.  What a combination, and the discussions were about art in our lives and how it is spiritual.   I am so aware of how each breath is spirit, is  art.   We are creative every moment.   How often do we notice?

Perhaps, yesterday, I also better understood "self-sabotage."   Someone brought the subject of self-sabotage up and I have been thinking about it.   She said how she makes a list of what needs doing each day, and then beats herself up at night when she has done so few of the things on the list that she knows are good for her.  I thought about my list and how it becomes something I resist.  How can I approach it differently, as something fun to do?  How can I enter the flow of easily doing what my organism wants?   Just step and step again.   Yesterday was a lovely flow, and today will be the same.   I am again over to the East Bay and I look forward to renewing on the drive.  

My intention for today is "To take a stretch, and return to center."   

Happy Celebration Day to YOU!!


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