Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!! Ah, tis Afternoon!!

This is my poem of this morning, as all of this begins to sink in.

Joy Filled with Ease

Joy filled with ease,
words that talk to me this morning
speak -
I consider this fatigue -
I am happy
whole -
why then do I feel like crying
just crying -
I have everything I need
this moment so rich
body fortified with cereal,
blueberries, vitamins,
morning coffee with cream.
My teeth are brushed and flossed,
hair flowing clean over a favorite blouse
and crisp blue jeans.
Why then fatigue?
Perhaps because I showered through fear.
Feel that,
and now, I breathe.
I am well,
and brave enough to step into this day
and see what Now brings to me.
I welcome the now,
and what it brings to me now and now and now
until all nows are one.

I saw my surgeon this morning, and received another warm hug. It seems the problem I am experiencing is because the incision cut through the usual lymph channels and the system is having to re-route. While it is figuring out how to do that, I am swollen and therefore feeling pain. Once my very intelligent body figures out a new route, all will be well again. In the process of sending happy re-route images to my lymph system, I am envisioning trains tracks all over the world switching, and airplanes changing course. It is quite something to see.

Jan Henderson sent me two links filled with wonderful information that is definitely cheering me up. I place it here for those of you who may know others in need of this kind of information. I am certainly not alone in what I am experiencing.
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/10/21/NBGBLF8KQC1.DTL& type=health
Hmmmm, it is not showing up in blue. I will try linking it another way too.

Let's see. A nurse from my insurance company came by the house this morning. She is here to provide support for me, and make all of this easier, and let me know I am not alone. It seems she also may be able to take the wonderful cat Leo who needs a home. She assures me that chemo is not so bad. We shall see. : )   I feel like I'm from Missouri, the "Show-Me" state. The nurse is now headed out to the beach. She is newly here from PA and has never been to Muir or Stinson Beach. Can you imagine? I told her she must visit there today as long as she is so close, and the day is so beautiful. She lives in Tracy and will return home before 3:00. It is a very funny world.

Joyfully and delightedly,

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