Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I can't resist -

    Though I said I was taking a break from political comment, this article on Harry Reid by Mark Leibovich is just too fun to pass up.  I feel like we have some gumption and personality back.   Things aren't black and white.   We have a combination.   Reid does, as Leibovich says, blue-state  yoga and red-state push-ups and sit-ups.  He is a Democrat who is a Mormon and opposed to abortion.

    He knows the rules of the Senate and he will hang tough.  Here is a piece of his history.

    "Harry Mason Reid is the product of the tiny desert town of Searchlight, Nev., whose father, a hard-rock miner, battled alcoholism and depression before killing himself at 58. The future senator hitchhiked 40 miles to attend high school in Henderson, where he became an amateur boxer.

    He came to Washington to attend law school, working nights as a Capitol police officer. He was elected to the Nevada State Assembly at 28, served as lieutenant governor and later led the state’s Gaming Commission, a job that pitted him against organized crime figures. (Mr. Reid’s wife, Landra, once found a bomb under the hood of the family car.) He was elected to Congress in 1982, and moved to the Senate four years later.

    Mr. Reid has brought his pugilistic sensibility to his career, often taking jabs at those he deems unworthy. In Mr. Reid’s two-year run as minority leader, he called Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman, “a political hack”; Justice Clarence Thomas “an embarrassment”; and President Bush a “loser” and a “liar.” Within that litany, Mr. Reid says he regrets only calling Mr. Bush a loser."

    Somehow this "tickles me pink," and I am pink, in my pink pajamas. 

    I do not expect to agree with everything someone who represents me thinks, but I do want them to think,  show compassion, and know there are a multitude of sides, and with that, how do we, then,  provide the most benefit to the most people.   We're all in this lifeboat together.  I am delighted with the change in tone, so very much needed after such a horrendous clamp-down.   Bush's litany of you are either with us, or against us, is now gone, and we are once again free to breathe the freedom this country represents.  


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