Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Sensory Awareness -

As part of the Sensory Awareness study group, I committed to 20 minutes a day of "sensing."   Now, I love that, and yet, as it becomes something on my list, I find myself balking at giving myself something so pleasurable and leading to ease.  I must admit I am aware of it throughout the day, and, have felt the difference, and I feel this place of guilt as though I am not fulfilling my commitment with a clear 20 minutes each day.

I speak with Lee today, the leader, and she points out that it is important that I do honor the 20 minutes.  She then suggests I could do it ten minutes in the morning, and ten minutes in the evening.  How do I wake up?  How does breath come in?   What wants to stretch?   At night, how do I meet the bed?   How do I let go of the day and transfer to a place of lying on the bed, and preparation for sleep?

Last night I decided to again read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.   I know that each breath is a dipping into that, a living and dying, a receiving and letting go.   Coincidentally, this morning Lee read a passage to me from the book.    I will see if I can find it and place it here, but the gist is how easy this can be.  

    When water in a glass or lake is still, the particles fall, and the water is clear. 

  May today bring each of us stillness and clarity, which leads to a richer mulch of  mud in which to anchor the lotus flower as it rises and greets.


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