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Tibetan Book of Living and Dying -

Though I am not finding the words that Lee read to me this morning, I am finding other wonderfully inspiring words.   I highly recommend the book, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche.

From the book:

Freda Naylor, a doctor who courageously kept a diary as she died of cancer, wrote:

    I have had experiences which I never would have had, for which I have to thank the cancer.  Humility, coming to terms with my own mortality, knowledge of my inner strength, which continually surprises me, and more things about myself which I have discovered because I have had to stop in my tracks, reassess and proceed.

Yes, when we are sick, we are aware of impermanence, and, in that, very present.   Now, at times, I return to that place of thinking I have "forever."  I think that is where discontent may rest. 

Perhaps, you already know this story, but it is a good one to re-visit. 

    An old frog lived his whole life in a dank well.  One day a frog from the sea paid him a visit.

    "Where do you come from?" asked the frog in the well.

    "From the great ocean," he replied.

    "How big is your ocean?"

    "It's gigantic."

    "You mean about a quarter of the size of my well here?"


    "Bigger?   You mean half as big?"

    "No, even bigger."

    "Is it ... as big as this well?"

    "There's no comparison."

    "That's impossible.  I've got to see this for myself."

    They set off together.  When the frog from the well saw the ocean, it was such a shock that his head just exploded into pieces.

Big smile.  It works for me. 

Sogyal Rinpoche says that when he meditates, he is inspired by this poem by Nyoshul Khenpo.

    Rest in natural great peace
    This exhausted mind
    Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought,
    Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
    In the infinite ocean of samsara.

I have a CD of these words.  I am realizing now there might be a way to have it play here, though then, I might have to unbind some of the stones of my well.   : )

We'll see.    Joy to you!!


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