Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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from the mouths of babes -

Because I am a member of California Poet's in the Schools, I receive their poetry anthology.  I would like to present two poems that speak to me.  The first is by a seventh grader and the second is by a sixth grader.

Afghani Volcano

I come from Afghanistan
I come from a country
where everyone worries about war

A place where hunger
drought, sickness and death
are an everyday thing
- like brushing your teeth

a place where people
do not think about how
they look or what's in style
but how to make enough money
and if they'll survive until tomorrow

Sometimes I feel like an erupting volcano
burning everything in its path
angry at people's selfishness
a wildfire burning until nothing's left to burn
yet sometimes I feel calm
a stream on a sunny day.

My life is like a kaleidoscope
not knowing what color, shape, or size
the next picture will be.

Edrees Nassir
grade 7, The Charter School of San Diego, San Diego County
Samaiyah Vedder, Classroom Teacher
Johnnierenee Nelson, Poet-Teacher


Hope is a wise monk
meditating on a clear silent hill
bald and peaceful, seeking
answers, asking himself
many questions, wanting
an answer to stopping wars.

John Gregario
Grade 6, John Muir Middle School, Alameda County
Judy Rubin, Classroom Teacher
Kristin Palm, Poet-Teacher


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