Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Noticing -

I enjoy watching Tiger and Bella and seeing what I can learn.   When they sniff something out, their tail is involved.   Tiger likes to bring leaves into the house.  He carries one leaf at a time into the house and then bats it about.  I wonder about that.   Why does he bring it in to bat, and why is it so important that it be a leaf?   There are plenty of other items he could bat.    Is it why we bring nature into our homes to decorate?  This is the time of year when we fill our homes with pumpkins, Indian corn, and gourds for Thanksgiving, and trees and evergreen vines at Christmas.   Is it something innate?

I also notice that Bella usually has her eyes closed when she washes herself.   Her eyes are closed as she wets her paw and brings it down over her face, and as, she holds her tail between her paws and licks and sucks it.  She looks so completely involved.   Meditation on washing tail.  I will image the same.  It works for me.

Now, Bella licks Tiger, and, then, herself.   She works with the same zeal.  I wonder if there is any difference for her, when cleansing Tiger or herself.  They are siblings, so, there is that.  They sometimes seem as one, though their personalities, responses, and darings are very different.   It just seems that when one of them perceives washing as needed, the cleanse and comfort begin.  

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