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Synchronicity -

I go to the Shoreline Cafe this morning for breakfast, and Alice the waitress brings over a book a customer has given to her.  It is a beautiful book of his photographs and his poems.  His poems have the expansiveness and touch of Rumi and Hafiz.  He is very shy about promoting his book, she says,  and has not introduced his books to bookstores, though I see that he is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, where he has a five star comment.   The book is published by Author House, which I have considered, and I was delighted to see how well it is done.

I had been sitting with how hard it is to promote myself, and here, I am presented with someone I could promote, and perhaps, through him, learn that it does no one any good to hide our gifts. 

When Alice looked at his book, and exclaimed, "You are an artist, a poet, a genius," he responded, with, "I'm an engineer."   Hmmm!  

Many of us do that, turn compliments away, deflect.   Jane was complimenting me this morning and I struggled to take it in as I moved sheets into the dryer, and emptied the dishwasher.  Hmmmm!    I did not expect my mirror to present so clearly this morning at the Shoreline Cafe.

The book is called The Door Is Open.   Larry Gerald's web-site is:   www.imaginalrealm.com.

I give you one of his poems.   Alice said, that when she looked into the photographs, many of which are of places she knows, she felt the words he writes are what she felt when she was there, and could not articulate.  I  can't give you the photos, but I can give you this.   I'm not sure I have the punctuation just right or the spacing, as I copied it onto a small piece of paper and I am having difficulty deciphering nuance in my writing, but you get the idea.   Holiday gifts, anyone?    The Door Is Open!

            In Your Eyes

    I look into your eyes,
I am taken somewhere else,
            A veil drops,
  A glimpse of a soul being,
    Dropping into my world. 

A visitor so familiar is present.
    If only you would show up.
The whole world would dance with you.
    Soaring in quiet solitude,
    I bow in your presence.
        Tears fill my heart,.

So long I have sought your presence.
    Now in your presence.
    I am outside of time.
I am lost in the vastness of space.
    If only you would show up,
    The great party would begin.

                      - Larry Gerald

I look again at the web-site and see how clearly this material is copyrighted.  I feel I am promoting him, so do I go against the copyright to do so?   This is a very delicate issue.  I put poems that I feel are in the common domain here, and I struggle now with how personal this may be for him, and yet, it is in a book that deserves promotion.  I will leave it here for today, and see if I hear back from him, and can get permission to leave the poem here.


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