Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The sky was a deep pink this morning, and the moon a lovely crescent present.

Jane and I spoke this morning about the editor's comments on our book.   She found our lay-out disorienting.    This morning I lay the pages out in a new order with the reflections on the poems at the end of the book, rather than with them, as we had originally placed them.  Everything is now in the order in which it was written.   It seems to work.  We are trying to cover a tremendous amount of ground  with this book, and we want it to be clear, even though, for so much of it, my mind was not clear.  We are trying to keep the book in the present moment as it was, then, and have it cohere in this moment, and the next.  

I am struggling to keep my mind open to all the changes, and to balance three time periods -  this day today, the time a year ago, and, also,  the reflections written in June and July.

My head feels like a juggler with arms sticking out from my head like the body of a spider.  Today, I am an arachnid.   My head has eight legs.  

I discover Lulu today through a friend.   Many of you know Dan Clurman and his communications work with Mudita Nisker.  Many of his cartoons are in the Spirit Rock publication Inquiring Mind.   Well, he has a book out and if you order it, it appears it is printed just for you.   I love this modern world.  Wow!   Check out:

 http://www.lulu.com/content/336132    and  click on Preview This Book.  

        It isanother possibility for a Holiday Gift.   I bought mine!!

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