Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

This day is slipping quickly by, and yet, with the most beautiful ripples.  I feel myself as the colors of fall, though I bought Cyclamen today in pink, rose, and white.  

Jane and I came to some new insights when we spoke this morning.  We were working on the introduction.  What is it we want to say?   In that, came our mothers, and, of course, for each of us that is the womb in which we entered the world.  Mothers are huge.   We now reach to bring our mothers more clearly into the book.

I have learned with the kittens that they intend no harm.  They are playing and sometimes items fall.  There is no ill-intent on anyone's part.   It allows for such a peaceful space and place.

Today, I was having coffee out and enjoying a darling little boy and girl who were playing together and their mothers were taking pictures and it was precious as could be.   I was smilng and laughing.  Time passed and I was watching the little girl when her cup just slipped out of her hand.  She did nothing wrong but her mother was furious and yelled at her, and then, sat her down and yelled at her some more.  There I was knowing the child did nothing wrong and yet it is true that milk was flowing all over the floor.   It seems so sad, though, that we can't see that the cup slipped and so now we clean it up.  My sense is that the mother  was embarrassed.  What she perceived as her perfect little girl had done something "wrong," and yet, the child had actually done nothing, but lose her grip on the cup.  It  innocently slipped.  I mention this not just for the obvious, but because I think we do that  to ourselves.  Something happens and we spring in to attack ourselves.  "How could you do that?   What were you thinking?"  Somehow the whole incident allowed me to see my day lightly and to look for places to laugh at myself.   It really doesn't have to be a serious world. 

I wonder sometimes when we stopped laughing at our doings, and I think of this child, and think of what was lost today.  I find it very sad and I may see the child again and offer her a smile for all she gave to me today.  

Today, with the weight of the rain, I saw that our Heavenly Bamboo has grown so much that it was leaning way over almost to the ground.  I cut the tops, one of which is flowering, and brought them inside.  I can't believe how beautiful Heavenly Bamboo is.  It truly does float like clouds in heaven.  I think the angels must use it for stairs.

A joyful day to All!!

Be kind to yourself!!

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