Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Thoughts on editing - and walking -

I feel our editor gave us exactly what we needed and set focus and direction.  I am even more clear in what I am doing.   What better gift than that?   I think it is to know when our path feels right for us, and this one does.  I re-read my words and wonder if they sound angry.  I was not angry, but I was clear.   In the past, I may have turned away from illness, not let it in.   How now do I greet illness in myself and others more generously?  I set intention for that.  

Here is Ted Kooser commenting on his morning walk.  How many of us see a flashlight beam as a moon on a leash?   Now we will!!   : )

    November 18

       Walking by flashlight
       at six in the morning,
       my circle of light on the gravel
       swinging side to side,
       coyote, raccoon, field mouse, sparrow,
       each watching from darkness
       this man with the moon on a leash.  


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