Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Book thoughts -

My friend Jane Tatum says this:

    "I have a friend who wrote a book called "Making Friends with Cancer." Her name is Dawn Nelson and she is the founder of Compassionate Touch. She documented every test and feeling during her experience with ovarian cancer and then turned it into a book. Her editor fought her about the title, but she held fast to the notion that this is what the book was to be called. She got Bernie Siegel involved in the foreward."

    I checked Dawn's book out on Amazon, and one of the reviewers commented that the title was off-putting and the book was a great help, especially seeing how well Dawn made it through, so I share this with you.  The book is well-reviewed.  There are many ways to go, and I think what these books are showing is that "cancer" is not the death sentence it once was when many of us were growing up.   It is a chance to re-think, change direction, begin.


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