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Jan Henderson posted this on the Rosen communication group.

    "I recently read a book on Alzheimer's (The Memory Cure by Majid Fotuhi) and learned something I hadn't realized before -- the difference between procedural memory and other types of memory (such as long-term and short-term). Procedural memory is what we use when we learn to ride a bike, play tennis, swim, touch type, or play a musical instrument. The parts of the brain associated with procedural memory are the cerebellum and the basal ganglia (at the back and base of the brain, respectively).  These areas of the brain are less subject to damage with age or with Alzheimer's (compared to the hippocampus, which allows us to create new memories)."

     Jan continues with "a quotation from the book that I thought would interest anyone who teaches Rosen Method Movement  to Alzheimer's patients:"

            "The fact that a different part of the brain is involved for learning new movements than the part used for learning new names and facts is good news for patients with Alzheimer's disease. It means we can enhance the quality of their lives by teaching them exercises that involve the arms and legs -- at a time when their ability to learn and understand written and spoken language is limited. Learning a new fun game brings smiles not only to the faces of these patients, but to the faces of their families and caregivers."

    Jane and I were speaking this morning about the form and presentation of the book.  We are now having to print it out to get a sense of it, rather than just reading it on the computer screen.  This article gave me some insight into how holding a book, and turning the pages, might stimulate different parts of the brain.  Perhaps, we remember better or differently what we read when we physically hold a book, or maybe on-line learning is equally useful, but I think it is important to consider the different ways in which we take information in, and process it.


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