Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Skunk Cabbage -

From an article in National Wildlife by Janet Marinelli -
    "With its pungent odor and heated blooms, skunk cabbage lures many insect pollinators during the wintertime.  Its flowers can maintain temperatures as much as 86 degrees F higher than the surrounding air."  

    I was unaware that plants could generate heat.  It seems it is a primitive plant form, and now plants have evolved to more efficiency.  

    Biologist Roger Seymour says heat generating flowers "are like nightclubs for beetles."  They were around in the Mesozoic, the age of the dinosaurs.   Now, a more efficient pollinator-attraction system is predominant.  "Instead of offering a warm refuge, newfangled plants lure butterflies, bees and other potential flower fertilizers with a quick sip of nectar.  Because they no longer have to trap pollinators for an entire night or longer, these plants are able to spread their pollen via many more insect partners.  In Seymour's words, "nightclubs were replaced by fast food.""

    Now, there's a thought on which to warm.  

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