Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

It is a beautiful day, and I am spending the day with a Sensory Awareness study group, so the day should be fruitful for me, and softly aware. 

I continue to read the book by Aaron Glantz, How America Lost Iraq.  I think it is essential reading because he is giving us the information day by day as it happened, and without judgment.  He truly tries to present all sides, and show that there have been well-meaing people on both sides and it has fallen apart.  The U.S. went in to fight an enemy, but there was no Iraqi army to fight, and yet, the U.S.  bombed and postured as though there was, thus alienating the Iraqi people who actually did support our entry originally.  They did want to be rid of Saddam Hussein, and, then, we came in more brutally than he.

It is a sobering, heart-breaking book and I think we each need to read it.  Each day we read of the corruption in Iraq, the quagmire.   Rather than struggling with what to do, or sweeping unease under the carpet, do yourself a favor and read this book.  It gives a useful handle on the situation.  It clarifies, so when the news is heard on Iraq, complexity is understood, and awareness that we have to get ourselves out of this country, and release prisoners held without reason, and apologize profusely for all the innocent people we have killed.  

Happy Saturday!!


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