Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning -

This morning I read a discussion of what to call wild salmon.  The editorial suggests that to label them "organic" is demeaning to the wondrous life they lead, and that we need more labels and education around our food.  I understand what he is saying.  Am I organic?   I ingest many chemicals in the course of my day as does the salmon who can't escape the pollution of our oceans, and yet, yes, how do we describe what we ingest when we have a "real" life, and are not a slug in a cage.

It is intriguing for each one of us to sit with the energy of our movements and how pure.

Elaine led a group of people this weekend in what she sensed was Sensory Awareness based on her discussions with me and what is on the blog.  It sounds like she led a wonderful experience, and that is sensing.  She sensed what was needed, what she needed and what the group needed, and led them in an exploration.   That is living.  She is the salmon, exulting in the sea.

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