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Honoring the Gifted Life -

I am reading a book by Ammemarie Roeper, mother of Karen Roeper, whom many of you know.  Annemarie's book is titled The "I" of the Beholder: A Guided Journey to the Essence of a Child.   Again, as many of you know,  Karen's work is titled "Eyes of the Beholder."   What is it about this beholder that is so intriguing?   Well, I have been working with this work for years now and I find it a delightful journey, and wonderful play.  

Annemarie has lived her whole life in the world of education as it was meant to me.  She grew up in her parent's school which was oriented to the full developing and allowing of the child.  She was exposed to Freud in the womb.  She and her family had to flee Europe because of Hitler and Nazi Germany.  They came to this country and founded schools.  Annemarie was born in 1918.  She gives us her bountiful wisdom in this book.  Though it is "billed" as for gifted educators and parents and gifted children, I don't see it that way.  I think it is a book for each of us to read and treat every child we meet, every person we meet, in a more whole and true way.  I recommend this book, a look into  a marvelous woman who continues to search and explore.  Again, she is sensing her way with her words.  She wants to understand herself, and us, and through, her words, we move and feel.  Her intensity moves through us, her love.  

Also, Annemarie has participated in Karen's work, and I find the work of these two women intertwined here.  It is a wonder to me.  I love both these women, and am grateful to know them in so many ways.   I did not find Annemarie's book on Amazon.  I ordered it from www.giftedbooks.com.   I think it is an essential book for every new parent to read, and for each one of us to read, as we parents ourselves and others every day.  I have not yet completed the book.  I am savoring my change.  


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