Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Universe as library -

I am reading the essay by Umberto Eco on Libraries in my book, Libraries.   Jorge Luis Borges wrote of the universe as a library.  It is interesting to consider if you just watched the video of what the Hubble space craft is seeing.  

The library of Alexandria in the 3rd century BC contained 400,000 books.  In the 1st century AD that number reached 700,000 books with the addition of the library of Serapion.    In Constantine's day there were twenty-eight libraries in Rome.    It is to consider when we get cocky about the progress we have made, and we have, and there has long been a reverence for learning and sharing knowledge.  Let us remember that. 

This book is a treat. I again recommend it.    Libraries with photographs by Candida Hofer.


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