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Morning thoughts -

I read that the Treasury may be forced to re-shape all our money bills so that the blind can feel their way between a $1 bill and a $20 bill.   One man who is blind, says he folds his money in a certain way, so he knows.  Doesn't that seem like a better way to go than re-tooling all our money-making machines, all ATM machines, all of it?   There is a place to seek responsibility, and it seems to me, that this is one of those places.

That leads to this.  I sent this to a friend of mine, who this morning asked if I could offer her daughter some comments for her essay on integrity.  My friend thinks this should be on the blog.  She is sending it to friends.   I am presenting it here as I sent it to her, so the wording may seem odd.   I, again, see it as about responsibility.  I think we each need to be responsible in some way for ourselves and that is integrity.  I may also place here what I wrote about integrity and see if the young woman will let me place her essay on the blog as I feel it is mature and important to share.

So, I wrote this, early this morning.

    I woke this morning, thinking about a friend whose child (an 18 year old) is involved with (weekend) drug use.  It seems it is an epidemic at Tam High, and the PTA is having many meetings on it.   What I am seeing with my kittens is that when I trust them, even while I am here for them, but when I trust them as autonomous beings, who need me for food and shelter, we all do very well.   Perhaps, what is needed with a teen-ager is to treat them like a kitten.  We, as parents,  provide for our child, and love them and care for them.  We have wisdom, practical wisdom, learned from mistakes, and we know we need to allow the "child,"  some space to feel their own way, to know they are trusted to do what is right for them, and that, they can figure out drugs are not a good thing, without us policing them.  Does this make sense?  I cannot sleep, so am up in what is still, in many ways, night.  I think we need to trust our children.  Drugs is just one way in which that manifests.   It just seems to me that the  more my friend goes into theatrics around her child occasionally using drugs, the more power she gives to her child, and the more appealing she makes the "drama."   I think if she could let go of her "horror" around it, then, maybe it would lose its appeal.  This way he has a great deal of control over her.  Of course, this is easy for me to say.  He is not my child, and I do not know the child in question.  I only listen to the mother.   
    I was thinking of this with Foley and the congressional pages.  Maybe we need to admit that the pages were not completely innocent, and that children were once seen as adults at 13 and 14 years of age.  Now, we keep them children until they are 21 or, for some, 25, or older.  I think it is to trust that we have entrusted our values to our children, and they know what to do.


I don't want it to appear in this that I don't think Foley should be heavily censored, and possibly even jailed for illegal activity, but I do think we have to begin demanding responsibility of the citizens of this country, all of them, no matter what their age.   We can't make a blind person see, yet, though we can make it easier for them, but I really think that changing the whole money system for a small percentage of people makes no sense right now.  What does make sense is to take some responsibility for the people dying in Iraq, and for the people who die here due to inadequate resources as to infrastructure and medical care, and I don't mean medical care for those in the last six months of life; I mean medical care and education for our children.  We must focus there.  We have a future to build, and our children, and their children are it.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

I'm not quite sure what started this, but I felt beckoned to get out of bed at 3:30 and that resulted in all this.  Perhaps it is better when I stay asleep, or not.  : )

Happy Day!


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