Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My Musings!!


License to Choose


Driving in rain, first gear driving,

stop and start, I follow a Prius,

with the license plate, “Go Gntl.”

Go Gentle!

I am calm the whole way.



I Am a Match for the Dark


I don’t ask for summer

I like being tucked inside with lights asking their way through the dark 

I see within this way

learn to touch, untuck, strike and spark -



Elaine, who had brain surgery a year ago, sends me the following email this morning.  

I made this amazing piece in ceramics this week.  It is a vase that got cracked.  Then I decided to just make each piece separately, carving it and glazing it.  Then when they came out of the kiln I didn't like them separately and decided to glue them together.  So now I have this broken vase that is glued together.  My teacher said one part looks like a breast.  And the part that broke off is kind of like where my head was carved open.  So it is a combination of breast and head.  You will have to see it.  The wound made visible.

That leads to this for me. 


        The Wound Made Visible


In ceramics, Elaine makes a vase that cracks.

          She carves and glazes each piece.

          When the pieces emerge from the kiln,

                   they ask to re-attach. 

              She glues them together.

                       One part looks like a breast.

                   The part that broke off looks like where her head was carved,                                                        
                                    for brain surgery.

                   She and I share this year - breast cancer,  a tumor.


                              As Mizuta Masahide wrote,

                                                “My house burned down.

                                                          I can now see better

                                                                   the rising moon.”


I google Masahide.  His house truly did burn down, though some say it was a barn.  Either way, it is good to see the rising moon.   I am enjoying being tucked inside today, looking out at foggy skies and dripping leaves, and I will venture out, in time.

 Each Christmas, I pull out my many Christmas books and place them on the table.  Today, I open National Wildlife’s December Treasury.  It is full of gifts.  I realize many years I don’t take the time to open them.  Today, I do.  I realize that whether or not snow is on the ground where we live, there is some place where we all crackle in the diamonds and delight in the light of the fire.   Happy Holidays to YOU!


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