Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Butter -

There is an article in the Chronicle today on butter, specifically European butters which have suddenly burst into our midst.   There is a taste and baking testing, and it seems one butter may taste good, but not work well in baking, and vice versa.  Now, we need to know our butters, like our vinegars and oils.   I think my mother used Crisco oil and the one kind of butter that was available at the time.  There wasn't even unsalted butter in those days.  It certainly is more complex today, and I suppose that is a good thing, or maybe the good thing is to keep our sense of humor about it all.   I was in a fancy deli in Berkeley yesterday and stood there debating a $28.00 bottle of olive oil from Italy, the latest crop just in.  I couldn't quite bring myself to go there, though I did succumb to some chocolate, that probably ounce for ounce was similar in price, and it is Christmas, and the packaging is so cute!  It is interesting to see where the wagging tail of temptation gives in.   Of course, I am giving the chocolate away.  It is not for me!   :)

It is for gifts!!

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