Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

 I woke this morning thinking about the orange, and how oranges are abundantly stacked in the supermarket for us.  I chose to imagine what it would be like to have only one a year.

The Orange


Today I am going to choose an orange,

sit down and cut it open

as though it arrived in the toe of my Christmas stocking,

one day a year.


For some, it was the only gift

and it was enough, that orange treasured

in the stocking hung with care, arriving

as a harbinger of winter cheer.   


When I bite in, juice squirts,

sweet, not like a star burst

but true to the tree it came from,

the soil, the leaves.


It says, “Taste my home, the flesh

of then and now moved here for you

to tighten your gums

and give you something to chew.”


I move in, as though to hunt,

and capture this Orange gathered and chosen

to come to my home

and journey through me, digest a change of form.




the day still indeterminate as to clear or gray

a moment of not knowing -

a chance to play  -

for me,  I make it prehistory

and exit from my cave.


May your day flow through time, and may an orange enjoy sliding through your throat, tummy, and intestines and back outside.  


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