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I am trying to pay more attention to where I get my food.  After reading an article on Alderspring Ranch, I ordered some meat from Glenn and Caryl.    Because they have been so publicized, I received an email saying my meat would be coming from a different cow than they originally thought and would be delayed a week, and was that okay?   Today, I receive a phone call from Glenn.  He was out looking at the meat and thinks he could do better with it if I can wait until January.  I hear children's voices in the background.   Part of me wonders if I can eat meat that is starting to feel so personal.  I rarely eat beef anyway, but every once in awhile I do get a craving, and there is something about this system that feels right to me to support.   Anyway, I find it touching to see pictures on-line of this ranch where children play and contrast it to those poor cows of Harris Ranch standing next to the freeway grouped so close together with sprinklers spraying over them.  There has to be a difference in the meat.  I hate to give this web-site because they are already overloaded, but maybe as they do well, others will too.  Support the farmer, not the conglomerate.   http://www.alderspring.com/

When I was at Jane's I saw photos of the farm where her husband Jim was raised,  Gandhi farm.   Surely there can be some return to that way of life for a few.   If we support it, then, there can.  Read Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, and consider how you feed.


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