Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I am softly stroked today.   The sunrise out my window was amazing.   I am filled with winter hope and dreams.

Here is my Morning Poem!    The image of death as dolphin waiting for us in the depths of the sea comes from a healer friend of Elaine's.    I am entranced with the image, and walk in my shoes from there.  


December 19, 2006



The sky speaks pink -


          In a poem to Elaine,

          by her healer-friend,

          Death presents

                    in the shape of a dolphin

                   deep in the sea -


          Why fear?


          My knees are shoes, snowshoes

          following the track of the hare

          bounding for home -


          I crunch diamonds on the land even as I reach

          to burrow below -


          this morning so lightly touched

          there is time to feel the cells within

          as their trampoline bounce








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