Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Healing -

Elaine's wonderful friend and healer, Deborah Tash,  wrote this poem for her.

I place it here, as a way to put all that is flowing around us into perspective.   It is a gift to us all!

Embracing The Perilous

How does one embrace the perilous
The journey to the depth
Where the ocean is no longer blue
Death waiting in the shape of a dolphin
How does one embrace the perilous
Collecting stones from the bottom
To build an altar
For the temple of the Self
How does one embrace the perilous
When the body holds clues
Like a tangle of tumor vessels
At the base of the skull
How does one embrace the perilous
Stepping off the cliff gently
Into an unknown horizon
To find an interior knowledge
How does one embrace the perilous
When the tunnel sheds no light
Leaving no way back
To the season of the familiar
How does one embrace the perilous
As the questions become the answers
Dreams suffusing daylight
With the colors of the soul
For Elaine
18 Dec 06 TASH c

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