Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The evening before Christmas Eve -

Ahhhhh!   Did you see the crescent moon?

As much as I thought I was prepared, this was still a busy day.   It began with a sip of wine, as I was making beef bourguignonne, and I wanted to try a new red wine for it.  Since the taste matters in the dish, I needed to have a nip before breakfast.   Well, that is quite a way to begin the day.  I've never had red wine for breakfast before, and probably never will again.  I cooked and snacked, and walked down to the junction, where I was greeted with the words, "Merry Christmas," over and over again, and I must say that I love those words.  I had moved toward Happy Holidays, but today, Merry Christmas, really rolled my day.

I would like to comment on the book.   I did not intend to alarm.  We won't take the poems out, but we had them matched, poem to poem, and in the order in which they were written and interspersed in the blog, kind of like "real time."   Perhaps, in book form, they need more definition, and people need more sway.   Also, they need more introduction to me.  Most of you know me, and so I don't go into who various people are.  We are a family, but a book requires, it seems, a little more explanation.   We are being gentle with the book, and there is no reason to fear that any poem is being shoved aside like an old shoe.  All is honored here, and we are looking for our form.

I never appreciated how much was involved in forming a book before.  We felt we had the elements, and so we had a book, but each time we think it is done and we read it, we see we need something else.  We will get there, and are highly motivated, and all words are treated kindly, as are we.  We may be on break, but my dreams are of climbing and breaking through to breathe a new kind of, a fuller air.   All is well.

Tomorrow, we go down to Jeff and Jan's.  Chris and Frieda, and Paul are coming as is Cindy Sue, so we are quite a celebratory group.  Each of us seems to have prepared enough food for all, so we will be well-fed, and we will circle in gratitude, love, and care.

Today, has been a day of re-connecting.  I am receiving emails and phone calls and feeling quite embraced.  It is an amazing world in which we live.  One thing Hari Bhajan said on the book is she wants to know more how I wove this web.  I think the web wove.  I'm not sure I had much to do with it.  I am breathed, and you are here, and we join hands in celebrating the return of the sun, the love of green, and the birth of what is meant to be peace.   Peace on Earth is the message of these days.   May they come to truly be so!

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