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Music: Si fortune
Sequenced by Curtis Clark at The Internet Renaissance Band.

Miracles have a way of making news.
Even skeptics stare at parted seas.
Religious or not--Christians, Muslims, Jews--
Resurrection brings them to their knees!
Years ago, miracles were in vogue:
Christ and Moses wowed the willing crowds;
Holy icons healed both saint and rogue;
Rare wonders were ascribed to cups and shrouds.
In our time miracles are everyday,
So few can hope to grab us, or astound.
The mysteries that clutter up our way
May seem much more perplexing than profound.
And yet life is miraculous: to be
Surpasses any wonder we might see.

My Christmas Eve was, and is, miraculous. The Gratitude Bowl brought us all together in deepest love, care, joy, awareness, and tears.

My family is so special that tears fill my eyes as I think of how to even speak of what they wrote and did for me yesterday. Each gift was so specially chosen, and represented so much love. There was so much excitement, love, care, and joy in each person's eyes. I live in the land of multiple Santa Claus's, elves, incredible chefs, and saints.

Chris gave us 300 trees to help save the Siberian tigers and make up for our global emissions. Jeff and Jan went through our photos, and chose the ones so special that just to look at them brings tears to the eyes. Steve chose a handsome purse for my computer that will make it easy and fashionable for me to travel with my beloved friend, and it is not black. Yay! The gifts were like that, touching and chosen and wrapped with love and care. And the stockings, I note, are full, as Santa has already been here.

I have cherished all this year two wine glasses that were a gift from last year. It seems everyone noticed how much I love those two glasses. I have so many now I could host a wine tasting. Everyone gave me those glasses. Amazingly, there is even a special edition of them that comes in pink, so that 15% of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research. Who would have thought? I live in the world of rose-tinted glasses, and my world truly is rosy and pink.

I was filled yesterday with the preciousness of life, the fragility, and tears just kept filling my eyes until they were more than just tears. I was in incredible discomfort yesterday, and I am strongly debating what these chemicals are doing to me, and I am trying not to hold on to wanting to be here forever with such wonderful people, while just accepting the gift that they are. Does that make sense? I hope so.

I never dreamed that I would lose my mother so quickly this year, and be dealing with what is going on, and yet, I smelled my mother's scent in the house yesterday amidst the smell of the fire, and the food, and the warmth of loving bodies moving quickly and easily to ensure my every care. I am so blessed, as are all of you. The preciousness of life overflows in me. As Marion says, "Tears are liquid love," and I continue to bathe.

As I say, I am trying not to hold onto a life, so wondrous, and precious, to just accept as it continues to wash over me with such love and blessings. We burned our Yule Log last night. We burned in the fire, of love, acceptance, and the crystalline clarity of purity as it blazes and hums with joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukkah to All, and to all good days and good nights.

One last note: I never could have imagined what each person wrote for the gratitude bowl. I suggest it to you all for next year. It is a great gift. Have fun with it, and see what comes. You may be placed gently in tears, the kind that come from the place of deepest feeling, where everyone and everything are mindfully present as one.

Ah, one more note. My ten year old niece chose my gift. She chose a book of poetry, Garrison Keillor's selection of poems for hard times. Again, I am so touched that, at ten, she understands so clearly what I am going through. Jeff gave me the words and a video of Thich Nhat Hanh. I continue to be given the fullest support in absolutely every way. Thank you to you all!!!

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