Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

What are you optimistic about, and why?

Think about this question for yourself, "What am I optimistic about, and why," and then, check out this website to see what others are saying in answer to the question.


For myself, I am optimistic about the incredible resilence and integrity of the evolution of the peoples, plants, and animals of this world.

Oddly, I see how strongly I am programmed.  I wanted to write the word, "people," and I found myself thinking, "American people," and  "Americans," in George Bush's tone of voice.  How arrogant, and yet, we Americans are programmed to believe in some superiority of American wit, initiative, and compassion.  My intention for this year is to become increasingly global and beyond this globe, in perspective and vastness of thought.   I believe Americans have become complacent with their gifts.   The waters are rising around us, and the world is awake.  

    May each one of us  remember the currents and strokes. 

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