Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

More thoughts and non-thought -

I realized today that thinking too much about who I might be is the problem.  I am fine as I am.  All works in my life.  I share plenty and if there is more to share, that will come forth in time. 

I also see that for me the book stands on its own as separate from me, so I struggle to say who I might have been before it, and, yet, I know a picture needs a frame, and that is what is being asked.    A baby needs an adult  to survive, a river needs a bank, and a book needs an author with which to anchor and share context, birth, and form.

What I also see in this contemplation is how involved I feel in this world, how connected.  I don't like to separate myself from it, and yet each of us, like light, is both particle and wave.  I like living in the wave end of the spectrum, and perhaps, I still and document moments of time with this blog and this book.

I also realize that each of us balances mass and energy.  I prefer to keep my idea of  "mass," of identity, of who I am,  loose, so that my energy is freer to bounce where it might.   Who knows where I may land?

Karen and I met at Muir Woods today.  The salmon are there, I am told, though we didn't see them.  I see how much the rocks look like salmon, and I realize I need to get there earlier in the day.  I, again, buy a yearly pass. 

                            I touch the moss on the trees, and raise my eyes. 


                    complex and simple -

               winding moss around tree trunks

                           wiggle worms of thought -

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