Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Thoughts from my brother -

My brother sends me a beautiful email this morning.  He points out that though I seem defensive about my role as "home-maker", the NY Times this week has an article comparing the job to a high-level corporate officer.  I know that.  I truly do, and, yet, there is a piece of me that doesn't always claim that.  I am trying to move through my "blocks," and that is one. 

Also, he points out that one reason it may feel difficult to go back and say who I was "before" is because I have so dramatically changed, and, yet, that contrast is the point of the book.  All the women I have met who have been through this would not go back to who they were "before."   They do understand the gift of it, and that is the message for those who are meeting it for the first time.   See it as a gift. 

I need to offer my change, before and after, so that is what is up for me.   I do feel confident on it today, and able to do it.  It is not easy sometimes to go back in and re-visit the treatment process.  I will do so one more time, and I hope this time through is "it,"  even knowing that I gain each time I re-live it, another letting go.

Here is to meeting our challenges and pushing on through, and acknowledging our "accomplishments" without sitting on them.   There are many ways to fly.

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