Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

what some people endure -

I place a paragraph from an email I received today here, as it certainly puts everything in perspective.  It is amazing what some people are forced to endure.   May we all be as well as possible.

    It was a hard year for us, 2006.  Our Granddaughter (John and Kendra) had 2 brain surgeries.  Jennifer is a special needs child and she has had 40+ surgeries over her nineteen years.  She was born with Moebius Syndrome.  At birth she had severe bilateral club feet and was immediately put into casts on both legs.  She was born with incomplete appendages (fingers), missing two on her left hand.  She cannot speak (BUT, she understands all that we say to her).  She is our sweetheart! After the first brain surgery it left her without feeling on her left side and she has not been able to walk.  She eventually regained the feeling in her arm.  She has Physical Therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we just pray that she will be able to walk again someday.  John and Kendra added a nice hospital- type room to their house for her using the space where their attached garage had been (Kendra's father drew up the plans and they had volunteer helpers from their church, from the Sheriff's Dept., friends and neighbors who helped with the project). Afterward her Dad, with help, built a double and a half garage behind the house.  Jennifer spent most of the past year either in the hospital or at On With Life, a rehab facility.  All of this began in August 2005 and Jennifer finally came home on her birthday, March 30th 2006.  It has been a very hard year for them.  They have 16 hours of nursing care each day for Jennifer (but it doesn't always work out that way).  Kendra's parents help so much and we do as much as we can.  Jennifer was in the hospital yesterday having a PIC line installed.  She will come home today.  She has had an ear infection and has been on antibiotics for at least a month, but it is an infection that is very difficult to treat. John and Kendra will be giving the medication through the PIC line at home.

I request Prayers for All!   It is a complex world we navigate, and, though we know our attitude is key, sometimes it must be really tough for some. 


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