Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I finished reading The Scarlet Letter this morning.  It is worth re-visiting, and is probably somewhat wasted on the high school students to whom it is assigned, but maybe themes do wash through.  I remember my own enchantment with Pearl, the forest and the "wildness," with life outside, or perhaps alongside, "civilization."  I enjoyed the book thoroughly these last few days and am amazed how much the book still applies.  He wrote, hoping for fame then, and receives it now and possibly as long as humankind still struggles with these issues, which seems will be forever.  

Hawthorne wrote the book as a romance,  a psychological exploration, and yet, there is much of history to also intrigue. Those who sailed the sea were held to a different standard than those who lived on land.   I am fascinated with the array and entanglement of society.  These people lived on the edge of a new and unexplored comtinent and yet rules and pagentry still applied, possibly even more strongly because of the need to proclaim and divide.   Revealed in this book are the different facets of each of us, and the language of this revelation digs, then, holds to light. 

I feel a need to sit for awhile on a log by the stream inside the forest of myself and drape myself in flowers and nibble berries.  

May we each find a time and place for that each day, a space to renew, and in that, end the hypocrisy that seems to stamp the social camp, and yet, where for each of us,  there is a need to reside.

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