Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Charlotte Selver -

Words of Charlotte Selver are with me today.   These words are from the book Waking Up.  Today I am with how I climb, and how I meet the floor and how I allow it to receive me.  We are fascinating creatures with nothing to do, but wake up, over and over again.


"It needs, of course, love, interest, curiosity-the sharpening of our equipment, which we have not been given by creation to be dormant but to be constantly exercised through life.  So, this I'd like to give you: you can wear yourself out through daily living.  You can always be against your nature - in sitting, in standing, in lying, in working, in speaking, in anything.  you can press your voice out, or you can let it out.  You can pound your feet on the floor until you get flat feet or you can touch the floor so that the feet get springy. You can stand and get a backache or you can stand and get the most marvelous feeling of freshness.  My teacher, Elsa Gindler, said, "A person can get heart disease by climbing a mountain, but can also get rid of heart disease by climbing a mountain.  It depends on how you climb."

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