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I just wrote an email letter to Barbara Boxer supporting her in her comments to Condoleeza Rice.  I think that it does need to be pointed out that those of us who are not personally invested in sending someone to Iraq should certainly have more awareness of the people who are sending their sons and daughters.   Why does it have to be a low blow because a woman said it to a woman?   Condoleeza Rice is secretary of state, not a baby.   She feels insulted on the subject of not having children.   My god and goddess.   This woman thinks nothing of sending more people to die.  Maybe if it were her child going over there, she would feel differently.  I admire Barbara Boxer for what she said, and suggest that if you feel the same, you send her an email of support.  It is easy to do.

I feel that women get knocked down for exactly this reason, and we have to stand together to say yes, that what can be said to a man can be said to a woman and we do not need to baby our secretary of state, especially when in this case, as is usual for Ms. Rice, she is wrong.

Rice has a responsible position.  She needs to act like it, and take the heat, or perhaps, she would prefer to be shopping, one of her favorite relaxing pastimes, undertaken while the children of others, die or are maimed, or are emotionally scarred forever.  

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