Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I am chipper today though the news continues sobering.  One article I read is on what could be done with the money we spent in Iraq, and the money Bush continues to demand or take, and for what?   The number of civilian casualties in Iraq is staggering.  It is a horrible bleeding wound with nothing it seems to be done, except throw more people and money on an already out-of-control fire.  It is painful to read of how better that money and those lives might be spent.  

This morning I am with the idea of "perfection."  Static it may well be and yet I feel how much I  appreciate working toward a level I set. I enjoy and appreciate that motivation.  I wiggle there, and I know there is an ebb and flow, and perhaps I am in a spacious flow  right now and enjoying it very much.  I am certainly more aware of my breath and sometimes just that is enough in the way of gentle play.

I read an interview with Melissa Etheridge about her breast cancer experience.  She feels chemo allowed her to withdraw and be still and feel what she calls the "zero point,", and there she felt how clearly we all are one.  It works for me.  She calls it the zero point.  For me, it was the still point, and yes, there we feel how clearly all is one, and, as I say, there is still a place for each of us to feel our way into our own mark.  We, like light, are both particle and wave. 

It seems some dark this morning.   Ah, now, the sky and birds come to light.  

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