Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

from this end -

When I was in chemo, a publication Passager asked for comments on Hair.  I sent this, and was informed it would be published.  I just received my copies of the publication.  As I read my comments from this place, the place of hair, I'm glad I could write this, and I am happy now to have hair.

    "I have a young friend who is distraut at the loss of his hair.  Mine is gone due to chemo.  At first, it was a bit traumatic, but now, I wash my head and toss a hat on it, or not, depending on the temperature.  I see that I am still attractive, and perhaps even more interesting without my hair.  I am exotic, and I can see and hear much better without hair blocking my eyes and my ears.

    A bald head frees up time and money.  There are no bad hair days.  The economy might suffer, but I say let us all free ourselves by offering our hair to the birds and scalps to the air."

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