Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Enjoy what you eat -

There is a study that shows that when Thai women eat Thai food which they like they absorb more iron from the meal than Swedish women who consider it too spicy.  When Swedes are served "their food", hamburger, potatoes and beans, they absorb more iron.   When both the Swedes and the Thais were fed food that was high in nutrition but a sticky, savorless paste, neither absorbed much iron.

I have read that if you can eat a Snicker bar with the right attitude, you will absorb the nutrition from the peanuts and it won't be as harmful as one might think.  It seems sometimes we have lost our ability to enjoy our food.  It seems now that is a loss in every way, so enjoy what you eat and thrive with health.  I intend to do the same. 

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