Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I feel well. The codeine did the trick. I slept through the night. Yay!!

I still have a cold, but I am up and feeling perky and frisky, like a squirrel, whisky frisky, squirting up trees, and whippling along branches to my cute nest, of which there is one, right up in the high branches of one of our trees. It looks precarious to me, but, to the squirrels it is a cozy place with an incredible view.

We saw a falcon swirl through our skies the other day.

I am excited to feel well, and will soon commune with Jane, and, actually leave the house today, and get out into the world. The cleaning people come today, so that is an incentive to get things picked up and get us all out of the house.

We shared a wonderful cheese fondue dinner last night. It was delicious, and I love sitting around a table with wonderful people, and swirling hunks of good bread in bubbling cheese. Yum!! Yay!!!

A Joyful Day to Everyone Today!!! Have fun! Leap!! Bow!!! Rest!!!! Play!!!!! It is time to PLAY!!

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